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Nate Grimes and Tony Orlando in “Arm-ageddon” part 3 at Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon released part 3 from “Arm-ageddon” today. Down in the bunker, Nate Grimes is sharpening his machete when Tony Orlando crawls in, in search of refuge from the carnage outside. Nate offers the tired man some water and rest as long as Tony does something for him in return. Soon, Nate has Tony bent over and buries his tongue and face into Tony’s smooth hole.

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Tony gets into the probing from Nate’s tongue, but is longing for something bigger. With a few slaps of Nate’s dick on Tony’s ass, he slides it into the stud. After a few hard pumps, Nate asks Tony, ‘How about something bigger?’ Without hesitation Tony agrees and Nate stars slow with a few fingers stretching Tony’s hole. Tony is eager so get lets Nate squeeze his entire fist into his gaped center. Nate sinks to his knees to gain more leverage on the stud’s butt and soon has both hands churning in and out of him.

It’s time to let Tony cum so Nate puts him on his back and fist punches his hole hard until Tony jacks out a think load onto his stomach. When they’re finished, Nate asks one last time, ‘You still hungry boy?’ to which Tony says ‘yes’, prompting Nate to squat right onto Tony’s awaiting tongue.

Watch the full scene of “Arm-ageddon” part 3 at Club Inferno Dungeon


Watch the full scene with Nate Grimes and Tony Orlando at Club Inferno Dungeon


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