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Mormon Boyz : Elder Sorenson chapter 25 & Bishop Gibson chapter 8

Mormon Boyz released two hot new chapters today “Elder Sorenson Chp 25: Brother’s Oath” and “Bishop Gibson Chp 8: Atonement”. Bishop Gibson has been a loyal and faithful servant, overseeing the inspection and induction of many young missionaries, bringing them into the fold and instructing them on how to please his fellow leaders. His youthful demeanor and spirit is familiar and appealing to the younger boys, making him an effective tool in recruitment. President Olsen enjoys trying out the new recruits as they come in, but when he’s looking to be completely and expertly satisfied, he knows that there’s no substitute for experience and training. And besides, no one knows how to suck a big cock quite like Elder Sorenson.

Elder Sorenson Chp 25: Brother’s Oath
The central tenant of the Order is obedience and submission to the Higher Priesthood, whenever and however they may require. From time to time, an older priest may require the service and company of one of the younger boys, and it is the missionary’s duty to be of such service without hesitation. And being that  Elder Sorenson is by far one of the most beautiful and capable boys in the Order’s stable, he’s often called upon to serve. President Olsen has long been an admirer of Sorensen’s talents and knows that he knows his role. He’s called the young boy to take care of his needs, confident that he will be able to take advantage of his experience and training.


Watch the full scene with President Olsen and Elder Sorenson at Mormon Boyz

Bishop Gibson Chp 8: Atonement
President Faust is a patient man, but he’s also stern when he has to be. The one thing he won’t abide is even a hint of disobedience, whether it’s in the boys he’s inducting into the Order or the fellow priesthood leaders. He’s seen the way his stable of missionaries fawn over Bishop Gibson and he’s certain that he’s fucking them without his permission. This cannot stand. He’s called in Bishop Gibson to atone in an effort to remind him who’s really in charge. For President Faust, he knows the best way is to put him through the priesthood stretcher


Watch the full scene with President Faust and Bishop Gibson at Mormon boyz


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