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Mormon Boyz : Elder Ormande Chapter 1 – The Interview

Mormon Boyz released “Elder Ormande : Chapter 1 – The Interview” today. Elder Ormande has always known he’s gay, but he knows well the consequences of admitting it. Instead, he’s been careful to avoid any questions about sexuality–and lie when he must. Worthiness interviews always make him nervous, but today, the young missionary is questioned by none other than the handsome President Lee.

The young boy has made is this far without revealing his secret, but he’s unaware of the powerful, older man’s skills at making horny boys confess. Stripped down and bound to the chair, Elder Ormande won’t have any way of hiding the ultimate truth–his rock hard erection from President Lee’s erotic touches.

Watch the full scene of “Elder Ormande : The Interview” at Mormon Boys

Watch the full scene with President Lee and Elder Ormande at Mormon Boyz