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Mormon Boyz : Elder Land chapter 6 & Elder Campbell chapter 2

Mormon Boyz released two new and hot scenes today. We follow up on the story of Elder Land : Meeting with President Faust shook Elder Land to his core. Not only was he confronted once again with the sexual attraction he’d been previously fought so hard to avoid, but he experienced a level of submission that he’d never even thought about. And new hot guy Elder Campbell : Elder Campbell awoke from his bed with a start. He was dreaming about Bishop Hart again and didn’t know how to handle it. Ever since Bishop Hart conducted the worthiness interview with him, he’d been unable to think much of anything else.

Elder Land Chp 6 : Disciplinary Action
Elder Land’s obsessed over how the handsome leader, President Faust, had taken total control of him. He wanted more, but was scared of what the older man would do. The handsome man was greatly impressed with the boy and wanted to reward him for his submission and make love to him on the sacred altar.

Watch the full scene with Elder Land and President Faust at Mormon Boyz


Elder Campbell Chp 2: The Interview
Elder Campbell’s world was shaken when Bishop Hart stripped him down and toyed with his body. The feeling of total submission scared him, but also excited him more than he could imagine. It’s been hard to shake off those feelings and to ignore the pleasure he got. Now, in the quiet and comfort of his bed, the boy can’t help but touch himself thinking of the man who changed his life.

Watch the full scene with Elder Campbell and Bishop Hart at Mormon Boyz



  1. LoveMen123
    LoveMen123 November 8, 2017

    That Brother Hart makes me Hard!

  2. Darkhog
    Darkhog November 8, 2017

    The power of kneeling in prayer!😈

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