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Mormon Boyz : Elder Ingles Chapters 5 & 6 – Temple Shower / Diciplinary Action

Mormon Boyz released “Elder Ingles : Chapter 5 – Temple Shower” and “Chapter 6 – Diciplinary Action” today. President Lee is an amazing father figure to the young missionaries he instructs. Not only is he handsome and strong, but he has a way of making them feel protected, loved, and, when needed, thoroughly disciplined. This week on MormonBoyz, President Lee’s best features are showcased. Beyond just his washboard abs and huge, thick cock, he proves that his big, manly hands can be soft and nurturing as well as hard and firm… depending on what his horny boys may need.

Elder Ingles Ch 5: Temple Shower
Elder Ingles is still getting used to being so freely sexual on his mission. Between the men of the Brethren and his companion, he seems to never lack for a hot ass to fuck. Bishop Gibson caught his attention and has made him hungry to know him better. The quiet, handsome bishop can sense the boy’s desire and he’s happy to give him a taste. He secretly pulls Ingles away to the temple showers to show him his sexy, furry body… and to open his hole to the horny missionary’s thick, throbbing member.


Watch the full scene with Bishop Gibson and Elder Ingles at Mormon Boyz

Elder Ingles Ch 6: Diciplinary Action
Elder Ingles knows what he’s done was wrong. That’s part of what made it exciting! As a missionary and an inductee of the Order, there’s no sex allowed that’s authorized by the Brethren. Unfortunately for the boys, they never truly know what’s sanctioned or not. They’re just happy when they can fuck and have fun! But Elder Ingles has been fucking his companion as well as Bishop Gibson, both clearly outside the wishes of the priesthood. Ingles was warned there would be consequences, and now, blindfolded and stripped in the basement of the temple, this horny young boy will learn what those are!


Watch the full scene with Presiden Lee and Elder Ingles at Mormon Boyz

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