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Mormon Boyz – Elder Gardner Jr & Elder Kimball Chapter 2 : Breaking the Rules

Mormon Boyz released “Elder Gardner Jr & Elder Kimball Ch 2 : Breaking the Rules” today. Elder Gardner JR and Elder Kimball have been having a lot of fun getting fucked and sucking cock for the Order. They know they’re doing something special and secret and that excites them. But it’s started to have an effect on their regular missionary work. More and more, the boys have started to skirt their responsibilities: sleeping in, arriving late, and sometimes skipping work all together. Brother Hales has been asked to check in on them and to administer discipline if necessary. Hales is eager to whip the boys into shape with his big, thick, daddy dick. He knows he can pound them so hard that they’ll be reminded of their duty to obey and never want to misbehave again!

Watch the full scene of “Breaking the Rules” at Mormon Boyz

Watch the full scene with Elder Gardner Jr, Elder Kimball and Brother Hales at Mormon boyz


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 4, 2018

    Damn if the Devil don’t know how to keep us busy!

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