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Mormon Boyz : Elder Edwards Chapter 1 – The Interview

Mormon Boyz released “Elder Edwards : Chapter 1 – The Interview” today. The Brethren bring in a new inductee, Elder Edwards, whose model-like looks and athletic body will surely be put to good use! President Ballard is the one who welcomes the cute young boy.

Elder Edwards Ch 1 : The Interview
Elder Edwards is a beautiful, Abercrombie-type of jock who does all he can to prove he is the best he can be. Gifted with natural good looks, he’s always managed to get the attention of all his peers and superiors. But the Brethren have noticed more than just his well developed body, firm butt, and pouty lips: they’ve seen his stunning blue eyes pointed at the handsome men of the church. Determined to get to the bottom of things, President Ballard has called him in for a worthiness interview to see if he’s truly a pillar of piety and presentation, or if perhaps there’s something sexy and naughty deep within him begging to be coaxed out.

Watch the full scene with Elder Edwards and President Ballard at Mormon Boyz


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