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Mormon Boyz : Elder Dalton Chapters 4 & 5 – The Covenant / Second Anointing

Mormon Boyz released “Elder Dalton : Chapter 4 – The Covenant” and “Chapter 5 – Second Anointing” today. Mormon missionaries crave the structure and discipline their priesthood leaders give them. But just as deeply, they want to be loved and cherished. This week, Elders Dalton is shown just how valued he is by the Brethren, being blessed in the Second Anointing, sealing his bodie forever to the service of the Order. This week, Elder Dalton continues his journey toward higher priesthood making his covenant with the influential and seductive Bishop Hart.

Elder Dalton Ch 4: The Covenant
Elder Dalton is an absolute dream. With his boyish body, innocent face, and burgeoning hunger for the cock of his superiors, he’s everything the Brethren could ask for. President Lee and Bishop Hart, especially, have grown to crave the young boy’s tight hole and body. Bishop Hart has called the missionary to the temple to make a holy covenant with him, claiming Elder Dalton as his forever, sealing him with his cock and seed. Bishop Hart has asked President Lee to be a witness, knowing well his colleague would relish the chance to see the sweet boy thoroughly fucked and filled.

Watch the full scene with Elder Dalton, President Lee and Bishop Hart at Mormon Boyz

Elder Dalton Ch 5: Second Anointing
Elder Dalton has sacrificed a lot to be where he is. Being inducted into the Order has required that he give up his innocence, his virginity, even his body. Now, on the sacred church altar, he must give up his body to the Brethren. President Lee calls the young boy in to give himself up completely, body and soul. Dalton is nervous to take this big step, but deep down wants to be loved and anointed by the priest leader. Even as his legs are shaking, his cock can’t stop getting harder!

Watch the full scene with Elder Dalton and Presidenr Lee at Mormon Boyz


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