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Mormon Boyz : Elder Calder Chapter 3- Initiation

Mormon Boyz released “Elder Calder Chapter 3 – Initiation” today. Elder Calder can’t say what he wants. The words are too blasphemous and sinful to bring to his lips. But deep down, stirring inside his loins and heart, all he wants is to have President Lee’s cock back inside him. Presented to the temple for his initiation, he knows he’ll have the opportunity to be naked in front of President Lee again. He wishes he could ask to be fucked and filled, but he knows me must stay patient and obedient. He must wait for President Lee to tell him what to do… and he’s desperate he’ll tell him to bend over and take it.

Watch the full scene of “Elder Calder Chapter 3 – Initiation” at Mormon Boyz


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