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Mormon Boyz : Bishop Gibson Chapter 9 & Elder Dalton Chapter 3

Mormon Boyz released “Bishop Gibson : Chapter 9 – Bonds of Brotherhood” and “Elder Dalton : Chapter 3 – Initiation” today. The Secret Fraternal Order of men may seem like a bunch of horny older men taking advantage of naive, younger boys. But this isn’t entirely true! This week on Mormon Boyz, the bonds of brotherhood between the men of the Order is showcased, revealing how each boy is enriched, encouraged, and enthralled by their priesthood leaders… while still making sure they’re thoroughly fucked and filled.

Bishop Gibson Ch 9: Bonds of Brotherhood
Bishop Gibson has always loved seeing masculine power executed. All his life, he would embarrassingly get hard whenever he saw a handsome older man in charge and in control. As a member of the Order, he’s surrounded by men who are the finest examples of dominant, but none quite as impressive as President Faust. Aware of the boy’s hunger to submit to him, Faust looks for any opportunity he can to express his authority over his younger colleague. Once alone, Faust makes a meal of the blond bishop’s ass before prying his fat daddy dick in his tight hole. Nothing makes Gibson feel more submissive than a real man’s cock deep inside him.

Watch the full scene with Bishop Gibson and President Faus at Mormon Boyz

Elder Dalton ch 3 : Initiation
Elder Dalton is still reeling from his previous encounter when President Lee requests his presence. The young boy is confused and distracted by the new and exciting thoughts of sex, but he doesn’t know what to do about them. His innocence and ignorance has left him poorly equipped to handle his feelings, and now he’s thrust into another sensitive meeting. President Lee washes and prepares the boy to be inducted into the Order, fully aware of the boy’s highly aroused state. It doesn’t take much to make this young boy desperate for the erotic touch of a powerful, older man, and President Lee is too much to resist. The older priest leader gladly takes the boy into his arms, kissing him and touching him everywhere he can… all to get him ready for a deep, raw penetration of his thick, meaty cock!

Watch the full scene with President Lee ad Elder Dalton at Mormon Boyz


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