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Mason Carter bends over and Rick Michaels stuffs his cock into his ass at Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios released a new “Homemade” for you today. It seems our friend Mason Carter is continuing to convince inexperienced guys to have sex with him on camera. I’m not sure how he’s become so good at pulling this off, but this time he’s submitted some pretty fucking hot footage of himself with a guy named Rick Michaels.

Rick has never hooked up with another guy before and Mason is doing his best to give Rick a good first-time experience. They start out with some nice kissing, which surprised me a bit, then they strip each other’s clothes off. Rick gets up on his knees and face fucks Mason with lots of energy. As we come to discover, this is the type of treatment Mason, the cock fiend, simply loves.

Then Mason bends over the edge of the bed and Rick stuffs his cock into Mason’s hungry ass. They get up on the bed where Rick lets loose and really pounds Mason. By the looks of it, Rick’s probably been waiting to fuck a nice, tight ass for quite a while. Rick bangs Mason on his back for a while, again with a lot of passion, before getting up and jerking off in Mason’s face for a finale.

Like I said, I don’t know how Mason keeps getting so lucky, but I ain’t complaining! Thanks for again sharing this great stuff with us, Mason. Keep up the incredible work.

Watch the full scene with Rick Michaels and Mason Carter at Next Door Studios

Watch the full scene with Rick Michaels and Mason Carter at Next Door Studios

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