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Markie More and Donte Thick are ready for each other in “Raw Realities” from Next Door Raw

Next Door Raw released “Raw Realities” today. Markie More and Donte Thick are both amped and ready for this stripped down romp of a scene, with both guys looking to abandon their inhibitions and indulge in their every piggish desire. Both guys like it raw, rough and nasty, so when they get together, it’s a perfect pairing of unfiltered hot & dirty sex.

Each guy has his way with the other, using his every hole in whatever manner he chooses. Markie gags to a beet red on Donte’s cock before plowing him from behind. Donte chokes himself on Markie’s dick, giving him deep, sloppy head, before taking every inch of Markie’s bareback cock, and then returning the favor. He fucks himself empty, losing his load all over Markie’s stomach as jizzes up a puddle of his own. Exhausted, both guys shower up and look forward to some recovery before they go at it again and again.

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Watch the full with Markie More and Donte Thick at Next Door Raw

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