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William Seed, Marco Vallant and Jack Kross in “Daddy Gets Seconds” from

Gay porn mega site ‘s sub site Straight to Gay released “Daddy Gets Seconds”, today. Big muscle hunk William Seed goes to visit his boyfriend (that other big muscle hunk from MEN) Jack Kross, but Jack’s stepdad Marco Vallant, also one big muscle guy, wants more time with William than he anticipated. All we can say is that big muscles run in the family!

Watch the full scene of “Daddy Gets Seconds” at    Try for only $1

Watch the full scene with William Seed, Marco Vallant and Jack Kross at

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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog November 15, 2017

    William Seed, Jack Kross and Marco Gallant definitely brought some heat to the scene!

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