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Luke Adams and Tex Davidson in “West Texas Park & Ride” part 2 from Titan Men

Titan Men released part 2 of their new movie “West Texas Park & Ride”. Security expert Luke Adams is asking too many questions of boss Tex Davidson – so the businessman shuts the stud’s mouth before turning him over. What clandestine dealings are heating up the “West Texas Park & Ride” Director Joe Gage slowly unfolds the intrigue in his masterful look at shady dealings in small-town America.

Cast : Matthew BoschDakota RiversLuke AdamsTex DavidsonJeremy Spreadums and Jason Vario

“Look kid, you were hired to set up the security system,” advises businessman Tex Davidson when young Luke Adams arrives. “Now take off your pants.” Hesitant at first, Luke can’t resist when he watches Tex whip out his monster cock. The eager student falls to his knees, taking the huge shaft to the root. Tex moans “Swallow that cock!” as the sucker chokes on it, then whips it on his mouth. “It’s huge!” smiles Luke before getting face fucked again, gasping for air. The smooth jock plows Tex’s face before offering his smooth hole, breathing heavy with each deep thrust—the bottom’s boner bouncing, it’s shadow dancing on his thigh—before getting a facial.

Watch the full scene of “West Texas Park & Ride” part 2 at Titan Men


Watch the full scene with Luke Adams and Tex Davidson at Titan Men


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 21, 2017

    Luke Adams’ got Tex Davidson for the hook up!

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