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Lukas Daken become Hector de Silva’s willing prisoner in “Gangsta” from Men at Play

Men at Play released “Gangsta” today. What is it about ganstas? Why does the sight of a made Mafioso sporting a fine tailored suit get our dicks hard and make our holes pucker? Maybe it’s the danger, the money, the thrill of knowing this stud can give you mind-blowing sex and, if he wanted, stuff you in the trunk of a car. Gangstas are powerful sex gods.

Hector de Silva is stepping into the role of a dapper gansta this week and Men at Play newcomer Lukas Daken is the unfortunate hottie who crossed him. Snatched out of the trunk and tied to a chair, Lukas become Hector’s willing prisoner. He begins to rub Hector’s crotch and soon our gangsta in the fleur-de-lis tie, horned up, gives Lukas the brutal fuck he’s been begging for. Lukas bounces on Hector’s dick rough and fast. When Hector flips him over and bangs him from behind, neither of them can stand to pleasure for long. They end up glazed in cum, and so will you.

Watch the full scene of “Gangsta” at Men at Play


Watch the full scene with Hector de Silva and Lukas Daken at Men at Play


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