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Luka Sage slip his fingers into Jace Eros’ hole in “Arm-ageddon” part 2 at Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon released part 2 from “Arm-ageddon” today. Jace Eros is ready to go out with a bang. When Luka Sage offers to give him the ride of his life with a fist up his ass, Jace doesn’t even hesitate to bend over.

Luka likes what he sees and lubes up his gloved hands to slip his fingers deep into Jace’s fuzzy hole. Luka works his way up to getting his whole fist inside the soldier. It’s a tight fit because Jace has never done this before, but with a lot of maneuvering and lots of twisting action, Luka is able to get wrist deep inside the newbie.

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After getting in deep, Luka wants to see Jace fist himself so Jace throws on a glove and gets his hand slicked up. He takes it to the limits as Luka coaches him from behind and when Luka is convinced Jace is as stretched as he can be.

He takes over one last time. He can see that Jace is on the brink of needing to cum so he stands up and sticks his cock in the soldier’s face. That’s all it takes for Jace to let go and he blasts a load of jizz all over the floor. Why bother cleaning it up if the world is ending anyway?

Watch the full scene of “Arm-ageddon” part 2 at Club Inferno Dungeon


Watch the full scene with Jace Eros and Luka Sage at Club Inferno Dungeon


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