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Scotty Zee, Chad Piper and Luis Parker in “Curious Voyeur” from Next Door Raw

Next Door Raw released “Curious Voyeur” today. As Chad Piper and Scotty Zee engage in some living room fun, gardener Luis Parker can’t help but get an eyeful, and judging by the stiffy growing in his shorts, he likes what he sees. Chad is throat deep with cock when Scotty notices Luis in the window stroking himself off, and he motions for him to enter. Luis does so, and Chad and Scotty lay him out on the table, feasting on him as they tag team his dick with their mouths. Scotty moves underneath and begins to eat Luis’ ass as Chad continues to suck him off.

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With all three of them nice and hard, Luis tells them he wants to watch them fuck, so he takes a seat in the corner chair as Chad mounts Scotty’s raw hard on. Scotty’s big cock fills him up as Chad bounces on it, before they move to the sofa for some doggy pounding. Scotty tears Chad’s ass up as Luis watches and pre-cums a little. When Scotty moves Chad onto his back, all three of them are on the verge of losing their loads, and Chad goes first, jizzing all over himself as Scotty keeps pounding away. He pulls out and nuts all over Chad’s stomach before sliding his cock deep inside Chad again, and as he slowly fucks Chad, Luis walks over and sprays his load all over Chad’s face, coating him in cum.

Watch the full scene with Scotty Zee, Chad Piper and Luis Parker at Next Door Raw

Watch the full scene with Scotty Zee, Chad Piper and Luis Parker at Next Door Raw



  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog October 11, 2017

    Thinking QK, Luis Parker is about ready to get his dick and hole wet with these threesome going on, or is he wanting for Markie More to fuck him over?😈

  2. LoveMen123
    LoveMen123 October 11, 2017


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