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Carter Dane and Levi Karter in “ALL SAiNTS – Chapter 1: Episode 2” from CockyBoys

CockyBoys is excited to announce the release of part 2 their much anticipated new feature, Jake Jaxson’s “ALL SAiNTS – Chapter 1: Episode 2”. ALL SAiNTS is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed feature, ANSWERED PRAYERS, which took home BEST MOVIE and more at every gay porn awards show in 2014/2015 when it was released. ALL SAiNTS, is broken up into 3 Chapters with each Chapter containing 4 episodes. ALL SAiNTS will be rolled out throughout the year only at CockyBoys

cast : Calvin BanksAdam RamziCarter DaneSean FordRicky RomanLevi KarterFrancois SagatBoomer Banks and Josh Moore

Cool and controlled on the outside professional man with a dominant side Carter Dane slowly reveals his hidden nature in his chance encounter with Puck (Levi Karter). Carter is intrigued and perplexed by the sweet & seemingly guileless Puck (Levi Karter) and kisses him passionately but he’s more interested in dominating the submissive lad. He gets Puck (Levi Karter) to suck him and forcefully makes him deep throat his cock, holding him down twice to gag him harshly.

Puck (Levi) lashes out and breaks away so Carter takes a less blatantly aggressive approach. He kisses Puck on his neck and back and probes his taut hole until he begs to be fucked. Carter takes him from behind and thrusts deep into him, growing more intense as they stand in doorway. Carter reaches his point of no return and puts Puck on his knees to give him a thick facial. Seconds later Puck explodes while on his knees.

They cool down & kiss and Carter leads Puck to his bedroom. As they sit on the floor and chat they kiss again sweetly and continue in this mode, except for one inexplicable interruption. Puck sits on his lap which preludes to his riding Carter’s cock. Puck (Levi) briefly takes control, but Carter flips him over and fucks him..

with less aggression and more passion until Puck shoots again. Carter unloads his thick cum over Puck and though they start to cool down again, there’s an emotionally dramatic turn. Another side of Carter is unleashed, leading to….

Watch the full scene of Watch the full scene of “ALL SAiNTS – Chapter 1: Episode 2” at CockyBoys

Watch the full scene with Carter Dane and Levi Karter at CockyBoys


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