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Landon Kovak gets fucked by Sean Maygers in “Train My Ass” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Train My Ass” today. Sean Maygers keeps himself in exceptional shape and when we see him enter the locker room it is obvious he works out. As he starts to undress in the locker room, Landon Kovak walks in and introduces himself. He has been watching Sean in the gym and asks him for advice on how he can get himself into better shape. Sean tells him that he is a personal trainer and gets paid for giving that kind of advice. Landon, seeing an opportunity, asks him is there is anything he can do to persuade him to give some training. He turns around and shows Sean his ass and Sean cannot resist and they are both lip locked and groping each other.

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Landon pulls out Sean’s big cock and starts deep throating him immediately and Sean loves it. Sean then turns his attention to Landon’s hairy ass and he rims and tongue fucks him for a bit. He then fucks Landon bent over the bench and Landon begs for it to be harder. Landon even yells out ‘Train my ass’ at one point while being pushed up against the lockers and fucked. Sean puts him on his back and continues fucking him hard until he cannot hold back and Landon shoots his own load all over his hairy body. Sean pulls out and shoots his load. They both then head to the shower and clean each other up.

Watch the full scene of “Train My Ass” at Pride Studios

Watch the full scene with Sean Maygers and Landon Kovak at Pride Studios


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 22, 2017

    This is a locker room “Do’s and Don’t” Do have all the sleazy sex in your public gym locker room…Don’t stop fucking because us freaks are watching!

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