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Kurtis Wolfe, Arad WinWin and Fernando Del Rio in “Clothing Optional” part 2 from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion‘s new and hot movie, directed by Steve Cruz, and it is called “Clothing Optional”. Take the tour with 8 hung and horny hunks that will do anything they can to get some cock or a tight piece of ass. Anything goes here, and everyone is guaranteed to leave with their balls completely drained. in Part 2 Fernando Del Rio and Kurtis Wolfe hook up in the locker room at the bath house and Arad Winwin also joins in on the fun. Kurtis gets a dick in each hole before the guys double penetrate Fernando’s tight ass and dump their loads on his hairy face and chest.

“Come on down to the club where it’s always ‘Clothing Optional’ every day of the week! At this club, it’s ‘Clothing Optional’, but the amazing sex is a must!”

cast : Rikk YorkPierce ParisHector De SilvaKurtis Wolfe, Fernando Del RioArad WinWin, Adam Ramzi and Tegan Zayne

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Fernando Del Rio and Kurtis Wolfe hook up in the locker room at the bath house as Arad Winwin looks on jacking his pole. When Fernando and Kurtis lose their towels, their hard, hairy cocks pop out. Fernando is the first to take action and gets down between Kurtis’ legs to suck his throbbing dick. As Fernando sucks, Arad makes his move and comes up behind Kurtis putting him in the middle. After both Fernando and Arad take turns servicing Kurtis’ cock and fingering his ass, Kurtis decides to bend over to let the guys inside….

coming up in part 3 of “Clothing Optional”

He takes Fernando down his throat as Arad shoves a cock up his ass. The muscle hunks spit roast the stud, making Kurtis moan out for more cock. Kurtis finds out he’s not the only hole in the group when Fernando bends over to take both Arad and Kurtis up his ass at the same time. It’s a hardcore double penetration session that leaves Fernando’s hairy ripped body covered in thick ropes of cum from tongue to torso.

Watch the full scene of “Clothing Optional” part 2 at Raging Stallion


Watch the full scene with Arad WinWin, Fernando Del Rio and Kurtis Wolfe at Raging Stallion


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 28, 2018

    Arad Winwin, Fernando Del Rio and Kutis Wolfe got sexual skill!

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