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Ken Summers and Antonio Miracle get sweaty and nasty in “On Show” from Men at Play

Men at Play released “On Show” today. This week, Antonio Miracle and Ken Summers mix business with pleasure in On Show. As a well-dressed bar owner, Antonio is interviewing worthy candidates to be his new bartender. Anybody can pour drinks and put beers on the counter, but Antonio is looking for a guy with special assets, someone who can deliver.

Antonio calls the shots, so Ken does what he’s told. Strip. Turn around. Show your sweet ass. Slide some fingers in. Antonio doesn’t bother to take off his fine suit; his cock practically busts out of his trousers. With Ken on his knees and eager, Antonio rams him from behind. Things get sweaty and nasty for these guys quick before they each cum hard. Check it out!

Watch the full scene of “On Show” at Men at Play


Watch the full scene with Ken Summers and Antonio Miracle at Men at Play


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