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Kemancheo sucks and fucks Protege at Raw Rods

Tha Hood brings you a new Raw Rods update today. Protege and Kemancheo run into each other on the street. Kemancheo wants to know why Protege has been ignoring his phone calls. Protege blows him off. Kemancheo says that the work he did on Rock’s house has problems and he needs to fix so he convinces Protege to come upstairs.

Kemancheo shows Protege the fireplace and tells him to look at the mistakes in the tuckpointing or something. While Protege is bent over the fireplace Kemancho pulls his pants down and starts fucking with him etc. After they fuck Protege asks what he needs to fix and Kemancheo says he got punked like a dumbass.

Watch Kemencheo fuck and suck Protege at Raw Rods

Watch Kemancheo fuck and suck Protege at Raw Rods

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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog November 15, 2016

    Kemancheo can teach me some things like he did Protégé.

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