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Kemancheo lays that pipe deep into Mr Phat Lipps until he’s moaning in ecstasy at Raw Rods

Tha Hood brings you a new Raw Rods today. Mr Phat Lipps is at Dr Kemancheo‘s office today seeking some help with his sex addiction. He just can’t stop fucking and it’s all he thinks about. Dr Kemancheo decides to use some therapy on Phat Lipps to do as he pleases. Kemancheo thinks Phat Lipps is too damn sexy to fix his problem tho, and while he’s under that spell he strips him down and starts sucking on his big fuckin dick and eating his ass.

Phat Lipps addiction is so bad once he gets all horny he just has to have some raw dick deep up his hole. Kemancheo lays that pipe into him until he’s moaning in ecstasy. Then they swap positions and Kemancheo takes Mr Phat Lipps big pipe too. You can really feel the chemistry between these two and they both bust their shit all over Kemancheo, licking it up and kissing. After the feeling wears off tho, Mr Phat Lipps doesn’t remember a thing and is so pissed Kemancheo took advantage of his addiction that he gets up and leaves without even payin. Oh well!

Watch more of Mr Phat Lipps and Kemancheo at Raw Rods

Watch more of Mr Phat Lipps and Kemancheo at Raw Rods

One Comment

  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 28, 2016

    Kemancheo’s fucking Mr Phat Lipps like a new civilization if being born!

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