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Kayden Gray and Lukas Daken make sweet music in “For The Record” from Men at Play

Men at Play released “For The Record” today. Kayden Gray and Lukas Daken make sweet music this week in For the Record. Kayden is a musician who has a hard time staying in line. Lukas, his manager and secret lover, gives him a stern lecture about the need to be discreet, especially where their relationship is concerned. But Kayden has other ideas. Our studs are giving you two versions of suited-up sexiness this week.

Lukas, dressed in a classic gray suit, exudes sophisticated charm and sex appeal, while Kayden, pairing a dashing blazer with ripped jeans, gives off rock star cockiness, seducing Lukas with his eyes then taking out his enormous cock so Lucas can suck it. Lukas and Kayden wear each other out in the music studio. Lukas lowers himself onto Kayden dick and bounces good and fast. Kayden reciprocates by fucking Lukas on his knees and his back making each of them burst a volcano of cum. The sound of these hot men screwing is music to anyone’s ears.

Watch the full scene of “For The Record” at Men at Play


Watch the full scene with Kayden Gray and Lukas Daken at Men at Play


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