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Julian Knowles and Fernando Del Rio in “Playroom Surprise” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Playroom Surprise” today. Julian Knowles has brought Fernando Del Rio to a playroom for a surprise and at first, Fernando seems a bit timid, but it is apparent that Julian knew exactly what his lover’s desires were. He takes control and starts intensely kissing Fernando and then forces him down to his growing cock through his pants. He teases Fernando for a while before allowing him to suck his big thick cock.

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After sucking, Julian bends Fernando over and rims his hairy ass getting it nice and wet for his thick dick. He fucks him hard and deep in a couple positions on the leather horse before forcing him onto the mattress on the floor. Here Julian continues to fuck Fernando deep and hard before Fernando cannot hold back any longer and shoots his creamy cum all over his furry body. Julian then feeds his load to Fernando’s eager mouth. After both are spent he says to Fernando ‘Happy Anniversary’ and we discover they are lovers.

Watch the full scene of “Playroom Surprise” at Pride Studios

Watch the full scene with Julian Knowles and Fernando Del Rio at Pride Studios


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 29, 2017

    Not a bad thing but Julian Knowles butt just keeps getting bigger, Fernando Del Rio should be so fucking lucky!

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