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Julian Brady gets rid of all his clothes and makes himself very comfortable at Active Duty

The Active Duty of today: Julian Brady has a great smile that brings you right in and once you lock eyes with him you can never look away. He has creamy white skin with only a few tattoos and his man fur is in all the right places making him even more pleasing to the eye. Once Julian gets rid of all his clothes he sprawls out on the couch and makes himself very comfortable.

He spreads his very thick built thighs wide for us revealing his sexy balls and all the hair underneath that gorgeous ass. Julian strokes his hard cock fast with a bear grip as he tugs on every inch of his throbbing dick. You can see his veins pulse with every stroke. Best thing about Julian is that while he is standing up jacking his dick he shoots an amazing load straight up onto his chest and his cum then oozes out of his hand and he continues stroking his dick using his cum as lube.

Don’t worry though, he may have unloaded quickly but one of his talents is that he can nut multiple times. He becomes comfortable again on the couch and this time he lays back pulling on that hard dick fast and slow while rubbing his balls until his nut comes shooting up and out all over his sexy hairy happy trail.

Watch the full scene of Julian Brady at Active Duty

Watch the full scene of Julian Brady at Active Duty


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 21, 2017

    Julian Brady’s rooted and planted and ready to seed!

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