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Johnny V almost chokes on Pierce Paris’ thick monster in “Cross Fuck” part 3 from Hot House

Hot House released part 3 of their new movie “Cross Fuck” today. Cross Fit training is grueling, but when the studs around you start whipping out their thick cocks and showing their perfect asses, your gym time becomes ‘Cross Fuck’. Then all you can do is sit back and enjoy all the sucking and fucking you can handle. Today in part 3 : Johnny V and Pierce Paris hit the coach’s couch after a competitive workout in the backyard. Johnny gets Pierce hard as a rock with a nice long blowjob and then bends over to take every inch of Pierce’s massive monster.

“A workout at the gym is always a good thing, but things will always be a bit better when the Workout of the Day (WOD) includes a ‘Cross Fuck’ and blowing your wad.”

Cast : Dane StewartDante ColleJohnny VRoman ToddPierce ParisWoody FoxLeo LuckettJack Hunter and Austin Wolf

Johnny V and Pierce Paris are having a competitive workout in the back yard and finish up with a quick dip in the pool. To cap off their day, Johnny cools Pierce off with the garden hose before they hit the coach’s couch. Both studs are horny but when Johnny comes onto Pierce, he hesitates to get involved with a teammate. Eventually, Pierce gives in and stuffs his massive throbbing cock down Johnny’s tight throat. It barely fits in Johnny’s mouth but he’s not a quitter and keeps up the pace as he chokes and gags on Pierce’s thick monster. Pierce wants to taste what Johnny has to offer and gets down between his buddy’s legs to work his veiny cock.

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That’s all it takes for Pierce to get rock hard and after lubing up Johnny’s hole with his lips and tongue, slams his thick pole deep into the throbbing ass in front of him. The studs switch it up a few times and eventually end up with Johnny getting pummeled on his back with his legs in the air. Pierce hits all the right spots inside Johnny’s ass and makes him spray as he continues to fuck the moaning stud. The sight of all of Johnny’s load oozing out makes Pierce lose control and he pulls out to finish off on Johnny’s abs. Pierce scoops up the cum and feeds it to his buddy, who eagerly laps it up.

Watch the full scene of ‘Cross Fuck’ part 3 at Hot House


Watch the full scene with Pierce Paris and Johnny V at Hot House

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