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Jimmy Durano wants to jack-hammer Will Wikle into oblivion at CockyBoys

Holidays are over at Queerking , so we gonna start off with a holiday update from CockyBoys. This week CockyBoys presents a new scene with two of the hottest CockyBoys, Will Wikle and Jimmy Durano. Will is new to CockyBoys as he debuted with us in The Stillest Hour while Jimmy is one of the stars of Just Love. Each man has a intense presence that heats up the screen leaving you aching for more.

So it was with great pleasure, we were able to pair Will up with Jimmy as he has been fantasizing about him for a really long time. Sending Will and Jimmy to the secluded beach setting on Fire Island was the perfect way to create Will’s ultimate fantasy. Jimmy has a thick cock, hard body and loves to dominate his partners in just the way that makes Will squirm.

Will was ready to explore his submissive side with Jimmy so he started off the action fast and furious but with complete control. With two sexually free and passionate men exploring each other in this idyllic setting, all boundaries were broken as each reached the pinnacle in pleasure. This is definitely a pairing that needs several sequels! May we have some more PLEASE!!!

Watch more of Jimmy Durano and Will Wikle at CockyBoys

Watch more of Jimmy Durano and Will Wikle at CockyBoys

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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 25, 2017

    Fucking pounding Will Wikle’s sexy ass Jimmy Durano!

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