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Jeremy Spreadums rides and grinds on Dante Martin’s hard RAW cock at Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios released “Dante’s Lust For Jeremy” today. The pairing of Dante Martin and Jeremy Spreadums is one that did not happen by chance. Rather, it was a long time in the making. Ever since Dante caught a glimpse of Jeremy at a previous shoot, he’d been angling to get a crack at Jeremy’s sweet crack, and now he finally has his chance. Dante is enamored with Jeremy from start, and to his credit, Jeremy can’t wait to be pounded by Dante’s meaty cock, so with the opportunity finally here, Dante seizes the moment and has the time of his life with Jeremy, throwing him down on the bed and sucking him off before flipping into a 69.

Jeremy gags on Dante’s pole as Dante tongues his hole, before standing up and plunging his bareback dick deep into Jeremy. Jeremy rides and grinds on Dante’s hard on, getting his fill of being on top before ceding control to Dante and letting him have his way. Dante proves up to the task, bending Jeremy over the side of the bed and raw dogging him from behind, before flipping him back over and fucking the cum out of him, breeding Jeremy’s hole with a deep and messy cumshot, just like he’d been planning for months on end. Dreams really do come true…..

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Watch the full scene with Dante Martin and Jeremy Spreadums


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