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Jaxton Wheeler works his magic on Teo Carter’s body in “Fight To The Top” from Bromo

Bromo released a new scene today and it is called “Fight To The Top”. Nothing turns on Teo Carter more than having hot men fight over him. Jaxton Wheeler is peerless when it comes to asserting his dominance, so you know he’s got Teo’s ass in the bag. Jaxton works his magic on Teo’s eager body and you can see by his face that he’s completely fuck drunk by the time they both blow their loads in this not-to-be missed bareback fuck.

Watch the full scene with Jaxton Wheeler and Teo carter at Bromo


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 30, 2017

    Now we wanna know who’s the Dude with the sculptured velvety body that should’ve help Jaxton Wheeler tackle Teo Carter’s ass?!?!

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