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Muscle hunk Jacen Zhu puts Taylor Reign on all fours and yanks down his pants at CockyBoys

CockyBoys released “Just One Night” part 3 today. “I don’t want my job to be a graveyard of boys that never call back.” As the host of happening late night parties Jacen Zhu keeps things professional and doesn’t go after all the hot guys around him. However he makes an exception to his rules with an after-hours invitation to sweet but persistent club goer Taylor Reign. Later as chat on his well-appointed terrace Jacen remains guarded, but when Taylor puts subtly seductive moves on him, Jacen’s lust shatters his rules and he brings him inside where they kiss at length with romantic passion.

Passion takes an unexpected turn when Jacen puts Taylor on all fours yanks down his pants, and buries his face in his musky crack. Remaining mostly dressed, he rims Taylor deeply and takes a verbally and physically dominant role. He slaps his hard cock on Taylor’s hole until he begs to be fucked and then with one thrust enters him and fucks him hard and deep. Jacen removes his clothes and making sure he’s not too rough on Jacen, proceeds to plow forward. Still, Taylor needs a small break, backtracking to romantic kissing and cocksucking foreplay.

Jacen is pleased with Taylor’s cocksucking talents but still pulls out his dominance card to train him in deep throating his long, thick cock. After Jacen strips off Taylor’s shirt and observes his control over him he brings his “boy” into the bedroom. There Jacen gives Taylor full, slow-burning oral pleasure which includes sucking his steel-hard cock and toes before sidling next to him for doubly satisfying 69. Jacen moves Taylor on his back to penetrate him once again but before that he sucks his toes on both feet, one after the other.

With his legs back Taylor takes every inch of Jacen as he slides in and resumes fucking him as Taylor strokes his own throbbing cock. Jacen is so close to the edge that it isn’t long before he explodes with an intense cumshot over Taylor’s torso. Still breathing heavily he turns his attention to bringing Taylor to orgasm but kissing him, feeling his sensitive taint and sucking his nipples. This does the trick and Taylor’s cock shoots an even bigger load. As they lie they together one question hangs over them: Will Jacen add another marker to his graveyard of lost men?

Watch the full scene with Jacen Zhu and Taylor Reign at CockyBoys

Watch the full scene with Jacen Zhu and Taylor Reign at CockyBoys



  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog October 26, 2017

    Taylor Reign and Jacen Zhu did a bang up job!

  2. Dennis010
    Dennis010 October 27, 2017

    Great pairing. Taylor took Jacen’s cock like a champ!

  3. LoveMen123
    LoveMen123 October 27, 2017

    I don’t know who is more lucky..Taylor or Jacen?

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