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Jacen Zhu and Luca Beckham in “The best days are in bed with you” from CockyBoys

CockyBoys released “The best days are in bed with you” today. In a high rise above all the hustle & bustle of the city Jacen Zhu & Luca Beckham enjoy a spectacular view and what starts as a tranquil afternoon becomes a heated sex fest. Jacen makes some smooth moves as he kisses Luca and without rising from the sofa he soon has Luca naked, with his cock in his mouth and throat. After getting rimmed briefly Luca turns around to kiss Jacen, open his shirt, and kiss him all over his ripped torso inching towards his crotch. Jacen stops him though. If Luca wants it, he’s going to have to work for it.

Jacen necks with Luca in the mirror, taking out his cock and aggressively teasing him. Luca begs to be fucked but Jacen still wants more. In bed Luca sucks Jacen who plays with his ass and forcefully reminds Luca to use his mouth: “it’s a blowjob, not a handjob”. Soon Jacen has Luca responding to his every command..including playing with his own ass. This, along with Luca sucking on his nipples makes Jacen so excited that he cums hard. Luca, once he finds out he’s still going to get fucked, is on the edge too and Jacen lets him shoot his big load too over his body.

With his body still glistening with cum Jacen turns Luca on his stomach and with a little stimulus he gets hard and tops the blond bottom deep. He keeps going, lifting Luca to his knees to thrust in him, much to Luca’s delight. They return to where it started, on the sofa with Jacen fucking Luca in the mirror. They move together in such perfect sync that Jacen is close again. BUT, he sits down so Luca can get one more wish..for Jacen to cum in his mouth. Luca almost gets his wish but he does get a taste anyway by sucking Jacen’s sensitive head. Is it any wonder that Luca says, “These are my favorite kind of days” ?

Watch the full scene of “The best days are in bed with you” at CockyBoys


Watch the full scene with Jacen Zhu and Luca Beckham at CockyBoys


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