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Hunter Marx and Tex Davidson fuck in “Swap” part 3 at Titan Men

Titan Men released part 3 from their new movie “Swap” today. “I hear you’re the one with the big dick,” says Hunter Marx, rubbing Tex Davidson’s jean bulge. Tex frees his meat, Hunter dropping down to worship it. He gets a dick whipping before spitting on it, Tex slamming his beast against Hunter’s hairy pecs. Tex eats the stud, slapping and spreading his cheeks (“You like how it tastes? It’s all yours!”). Tex slaps his ass, then turns Hunter around—the big boner soon inside the alpha’s mouth, his nose and beard rubbing Hunter’s groin.

Tex spits on it and snaps it up, enraptured with Hunter’s beauty. Hunter sucks Tex back, then sits on the top. The bottom’s muscular ass squeezes the shaft as his boner bounces off Tex’s bod. Tex rams him from behind (“Fuckin’ own my hole!”), Hunter watching in the mirror and moaning “Yeah buddy!” as his boner slams against the bedsheet with each deep thrust. Hunter gets on his back, staring at Tex as he goes all in. H! unter strokes out a wad, then moans “Gimmie your load!” as he top dumps on Hunter’s shaft—the bottom licking it up off his finger.

Watch Hunter Marx and Tex Tex Davidson fuck at Titan Men


Watch Hunter Marx and Tex Tex Davidson fuck at Titan Men


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