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Hans Berlin, Spencer Whitman & Sean Knight in “Shut Up and Fuck Me!” part 6 at Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion‘s new and hot movie, directed by Steve Cruz, and it is called “Shut Up and Fuck Me!”. Sometimes it’s nice to cut to the chase. Fuck conversation. Fuck getting to know each other. You just want to satisfy your carnal itch and get the fuck out. Don’t start talking to me. I don’t want your conversation. I don’t want to hear your voice. Just ‘Shut Up & Fuck Me’. Today in the last part : Hans Berlin and Spencer Whitman take turns fucking Sean Knight’s face and ass until Hans wants a go at getting his own hole stretched. Sean fucks the daddy’s face as Spencer takes it up the rear until all three blast their loads leaving Hans a sticky, panting mess.

“The next time you think you need a conversation or a nice cuddle to make yourself feel good…don’t! Just ‘Shut Up & Fuck Me”

Cast : Seth SantoroJay LandfordKurtis WolfeSergeant MilesZiggy BanksAdam ThickeTegan ZayneSpencer Whitman, Giovanni ValentinoHans Berlin and Sean Knight

Hans Berlin, Spencer Whitman, and Sean Knight are horned up and ready for all the cock and ass they can get. The three make out in a circle until Sean caves to his desires and gets on his knees to service both hung studs in front of him. He alternates dicks on his lips and tongue, being mindful to give each hunk equal time in his eager mouth. When all three are rock-hard, Hans decides to take charge and slams his cock deep into Sean’s hole as Spencer shoves his cock in Sean’s face. It’s not long before Spencer wants to try Sean’s warmed up ass so Hans and Spencer swap positions with Spencer taking it hard. Seeing Spencer fuck Sean works Hans into a frenzy, and he takes his turn on the bed with his legs in the air….

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With Spencer up his ass and Sean down his throat, Hans gets spit-roasted until Sean pulls out and announces that he’s about to blow. The sight of Hans drinking Sean’s cum makes Spencer ready to nut and he shoots his load all over Hans’ hairy sack. With cum in his mouth and his crotch covered in jizz, Hans drops an extra thick load that oozes out of his cock and flows onto his heaving stomach. Spencer doesn’t want all those loads to go to waste and cleans up Hans’ mess with his tongue before sharing them all with the other studs.

Watch the full scene of “Shut Up and Fuck Me!” at Raging Stallion

Watch the full scene with Hans Berlin, Spencer Whitman and Sean Knight at Raging Stallion


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