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Quentin Gainz and Grayson Fabre in “Cheaters Karma” from Next Door Raw

Next Door Raw released “Cheaters Karma” today. Quentin Gainz‘s birthday has quickly taken a turn from bad to worse with a simple knock at the door. Already disappointed because his boyfriend has to work late, he now finds a mysterious stranger in his threshold, and it’s obviousthat the guy at the door has been messing around with Quentin’s man.

To Grayson Fabre‘s credit, he didn’t know about Quentin, and would’ve never engaged with someone in a relationship, but that’s little solace to Quentin. What would make Quentin’s day a little better, though, is if he could return the favor (while also maybe getting his rocks off). Grayson seems interested and so Quentin just lays it out for him. Moments later he’s on his knees, unzipping Grayson’s pants and sucking him off.

Grayson unbuttons his shirt as they kiss, and Quentin throws him against sofa and bends him over the back of it, plunging his raw cock deep into Grayson’s hole. Grayson moans as Quentin has his way, pounding him from the back before flipping him over the couch and pile driving him from above, pulling out to empty his birthday load all over Grayson, then seeding his hole. As Grayson lay cum covered, Quentin realizes this hasn’t been such a bad birthday, afterall.


Watch the full scene with Quentin Gainz and Grayson Fabre at Next door Raw

Watch the full scene with Quentin Gainz and Grayson Fabre at Next door Raw


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog May 25, 2017

    All for this cheating.

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