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Gabriel Clark leaves Kris Karr begging for more at CockyBoys

This week, CockyBoys presents a new scene with veteran CockyBoys stud, Gabriel Clark and sexy CockyBoy, Kris Karr. Gabriel is the perfect host for some good fun when Kris decided to visit Montreal. Gabriel loves to seduce his partners in different ways. So after some heavy duty sightseeing, Gabriel and Kris were ready for some exploring indoors. Kris definitely had plans to worship Gabriel and he didn’t miss a inch.

Then it was Gabriel’s turn to show his charms and dominate Kris leaving him begging for more. With the back and forth between these two, you would think they were in competition for the giving the most pleasure. Gabriel is usually the one breaking in new CockyBoys but this time maybe he met his match. Congratulations Kris for getting Clark’d and Congratulations Gabriel for being Karr’d!!!!

Watch more of Gabriel Clark and Kris Karr at CockBoys

Watch more of Gabriel Clark and Kris Karr at CockBoys

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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 2, 2016

    I’m loving it!

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