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Guy gets his mouth covered so they couldn’t hear him scream at Fraternity X

Fraternity X: This bitch went cock crazy on us. Taking turns riding our dicks like it was an elevator. Couldn’t get enough. We just laid back, got our dick sucked. Then threw his ass on the ground. My bro covered his mouth so we couldn’t hear his bitch ass scream. Drilled this dudes hole. It was epic!

Watch this bitch get fucked at Fraternity X

Watch this bitch get fucked at Fraternity X


  1. Brian Odom
    Brian Odom February 19, 2017

    When I read the caption I actually thought it was the one where they had one guy with his mouth duct taped… and at one point when 1 of the guys hard up in him got up to let the next guy drill some, he got up and “tried” to make a break for it out of the nearest door.

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