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Family Dick : Boyhood Pleasures Chapter 1 – Our Uncle Plays Favorites

Family Dick released chapter 1 of “Boyhood Pleasures : Our Uncle Plays Favorites” today. When this fun uncle comes to stay, it causes some tension between two growing boys. The younger one always gets the athletic man’s attention while the older boy feels left out. His suspicions are confirmed when he sees his popular uncle kissing the younger brother in their bedroom!

The pervy uncle has his favorite, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them both… especially seeing just how much they’ve grown. In an effort to make the older boy see what he sees, he barebacks his younger nephew in front of him, showing him just how sexy he is before giving the older boy a chance to feel his dick inside him!


Watch the full scene of “Boyhood Pleasures : Our Uncle Plays Favorites” at Family Dick


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