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Elye Black takes every inch of Alex Grand in “Honeymoon Dumped” from Next Door Raw

Next Door Raw released “Honeymoon Dumped” today. Trailing him to his hotel room, Elye Black tells Alex Grand he couldn’t help but overhear that Alex is staying at the hotel alone. Alex sadly recounts that he had booked the room for him and his fiance’, but now that they have broken up, there will be no wedding and certainly no honeymoon. Elye tells Alex he’s sorry but that the two of them can make the most of it anyway.

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Alex seems open to the idea and they agree to meet for drinks. When Elye comes up to Alex’s room, he finds Alex still not ready, about to hop in the shower. Elye quickly does the math in his head and decides his best bet is to join Alex in the shower. Alex doesn’t seem to mind, especially when Elye falls to his knees and takes Alex’s deprived cock into his mouth. Alex can’t believe how much better Elye is at sucking dick than his ex, and he decides right then and there to just go with it, first returning the favor to Elye, then bending him over and plowing him from behind.

Elye takes every inch willingly, all according to plan, as Alex fucks him all over the bathroom. They move out to the bedroom as Alex lays Elye on his back and proceeds to pound him until he cums. Elye spits his load onto his chest as Alex pulls out and douses him with his jizz. As they lay there in the afternoon twilight, Elye reminds them they have the whole weekend to do it again. Suddenly this honeymoon doesn’t seem so bad to Alex.

Watch the full scene of “Honeymoon Dumped” at Next Door Raw


Watch the full scene with Elye Black and Alex Grand at Next Door Raw


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 31, 2018

    Alex Grand lost his mind inside Elye Black’s tight little hole.

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