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Hot hunks Donte Thick and Ty Mitchell in “Long Way Home” from Next Door Raw

Next Door Raw released “Long Way Home” today. With his bags packed and his train departure time fast approaching, Donte Thick is ready to call a wrap on his get away weekend, but Ty Mitchell would like to extend it for one final fuck goodbye. Donte reasons that he could catch a different train, and Ty tells him he’ll make it worth his while, grapping Donte and pulling him closer.

Their kiss seals it for Donte, and moments later, Ty is downing his cock as Donte feasts on his hole. He throws Ty onto the bed and fucks him raw, first from behind, then giving Ty a ride. Ty spreads his legs and leans back to grab the headboard as Donte pounds his hole from beneath, finally flipping him over and fucking the cum out of him, jerking Ty off onto his own stomach before pulling out and drenching him with his load.


Watch the full scene of “Long Way Home” at Next Door Raw


Watch the full scene with Donte Thick and Ty Mitchell at Next Door Raw


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