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Master Dolf Dietrich pumps his slave Pierce Paris in “Fetish Findr” from Fetish Force

Fetish Force released “Fetish Findr” part 2 today. Pierce Paris is hog tied on a bed and what seems like an eternity later, Master Dolf Dietrich arrives to let his slave loose. Dolf rewards Pierce by letting him deepthroat his massive cock. Dolf isn’t satisfied with just a blowjob, so he face fucks Pierce until his dick is swollen and ready to plunge his slave’s hole. Pierce winces as Dolf slides his monster cock into his ass and pumps away, commanding Pierce to take his dick deeper.

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Dolf wants to see every expression on Pierce’s contorted face and flips him over to penetrate him on his back. The master pumps the slave, humping as they both grunt and groan with the prolonged humping. ‘Oh Master, I love your dick in my ass!’ Pierce yells out as he grabs his own cock and blasts his slave load all over his ripped and writhing stomach. When Dolf has fully pleasured his submissive new plaything, he pulls out and jacks his stiff rod until he splashes his jizz everywhere. Pierce still wants to please his master and sucks Dolf’s spent cock, taking in every last drop he has to offer.

Watch the full scene of “Fetish Findr” at Fetish Force

Watch the full scene with Pierce Paris and Dolf Dietrich at Fetish Force


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog November 10, 2017

    Fucking hot Pierce Paris being mastered by Dolf Dietrich!🐷

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