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Devin Franco gives in to Geordie Jackson in “Raw Dogged” part 1 from Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment released “Bareback Auditions 10: Raw Dogged” part 1. Geordie Jackson has proven himself to be a hot, European roughneck who treats his bottoms like objects instead of men — which is exactly why Devin Franco wanted a go in the sack with him. Georgie and Devin get to know each other in the first gay sex encounter of “Bareback Auditions 10: Raw-Dogged” before Devin gives in to Geordie’s top cock. And rest assured: Devin takes Geordie’s bareback cock long and deep in every position you can think of!

Watch the full scene of “Bareback Auditions 10: Raw Dogged” part 1 at Lucas Entertainment


Watch the full scene with Devin Franco and Geordie Jackson at Lucas Entertainment


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