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Denis Vega and Seth Santoro scorch the great outdoors in “Al Fresco” from Men at Play

Men at Play released “Al Fresco” today. Denis Vega and Seth Santoro scorch the great outdoors in Al Fresco. Snoozing poolside, Denis is every man’s fantasy: a bronze Adonis exuding sex in the bright sunlight. And Seth knows it. Sporting a fine dark suit and shiny shoes, Seth attends to Denis’s needs like a proper manservant. But he just can’t stop himself from caressing and sucking Denis’s dick while he sleeps. And when Denis wakes up, things go from hot to hotter.

After returning the favour by giving Seth a fierce blow job, Denis flips him on his knees and drives his tongue straight up Seth’s gaping hole. Still in his crisp button-down shirt and dark socks, the sight of Seth’s perfect ass hiked in the air pushes Denis to the limit. Panting and moaning, Denis and Seth fuck like crazy. Whether Denis smashes Seth’s ass from behind or Seth furiously bounces on Denis’s cock before they both shoot thick loads, Al Fresco proves that the outdoors is the perfect setting for men to fuck like animals.

Watch the full scene of “Al Fresco” at Men at Play

Watch the full scene with Denis Vega and Seth Santoro at Men at Play


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 20, 2017

    Fucking Awesome Denis Vega fucking Seth Santoro like a botch!

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