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Daymin Voss gives Rikk York a full body search in “TSA Checkpoint” part 1 from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion ‘s new and hot movie is called “TSA Checkpoint”. This movie from the hands of Steve Cruze has 6 hot scenes and the hottest hunks. When Rikk York sets off the alarms at a TSA checkpoint, Officer Daymin Voss finds some contraband shoved up Rikk’s fuzzy ass. Daymin probes the traveler until he sets off both of their explosive devices.

“Traveling no longer has be a drag at the airport. Forget the lines and the delays, because when you hit the ‘TSA Checkpoint’ you might just get a hunky agent making you hard in a pat-down or a cock up your ass in a cavity search. Sit back and let passengers, employees, and Federal Agents make sure that your loaded weapon is safe for travel!”

Cast :  Rikk York, Daymin Voss, Tegan Zayne, Eddy Ceetee, Aleks Buldocek, Lorenzo Flexx, Buck Richards, Trent King, Alex Mecum, Derek Bolt and Teddy Torres

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Daymin Voss is a TSA agent and when Rikk York comes through security to get to his flight, he sets off the alarms several times. Daymin decides to subject Rikk to a full body search. It doesn’t go well for the traveler when Daymin finds some contraband in Rikk’s ‘loose sloppy hole’. The agent decides to explore a little further because he wants to make sure there’s nothing else up Rikk’s big hairy ass and gets in deep with his gloved hands. To be absolutely sure, Daymin gets on his knees and sticks his tongue all the way into Rikk’s hairy hole….

Coming up in “TSA Checkpoint” part 2

When Daymin doesn’t find any more unnatural objects shoved up Rikk’s ass, he unbuckles his pants and has Rikk suck his way to freedom. Rikk’s magic mouth gets Daymin horned up and soon the commuter is balls deep inside the TSA agent’s tight muscle hole. Rikk pounds away until Daymin is ready to teach his suspect the final lesson of the day. Daymin mounts up and slams Rikk’s fuzzy ass with his massive cock until he sets off Rikk’s explosive device. Daymin takes his job seriously and won’t let Rikk through security until he slathers the guilty traveler with some TSA approval.

Watch the full scene of “TSA Checkpoint” part 1 at Raging Stallion

Watch the full scene with Daymin Voss and Rikk York at Raging Stallion



  1. LoveMen123
    LoveMen123 November 11, 2017

    too bad this never happens to me!!

  2. Dennis010
    Dennis010 November 11, 2017

    HOT! Which airport do I need to go to?

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