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Day Day getting a nice feel for Assassin’s ass at ThugBoy

Tha hood brings you a new hot thug guy from ThugBoy today. Assassin seems to be in the mood for spreading love for a special someone. So he sets up shop in a nice hotel room and invites a friend over and surprises him with some Valentines gifts. Day Day comes in and is a little shocked to see the hearts and bears. Day Day tells Assassin that he appreciates it, but it also seems that Day Day wants a little something extra from his homie.

Assassin doesn’t hesitate to offer him that action that he has been wanting. The start of with a little intimate kissing and Day Day getting a nice feel for Assassins ass. Then Assassin goes down below to get a taste of Day Days chocolate dick. This is something that he can really enjoy on for this special occasion. Lets see how hot it gets as these two get down on Valentines Day.

Watch more of Day Day and Assassin at ThugBoy

Watch more of Day Day and Assassin at ThugBoy


  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog February 19, 2017

    Day Day & Assassin tack this down!

  2. Brian Odom
    Brian Odom February 19, 2017

    Well look at this V’ Day treat!

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