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Damon Heart and Manuel Skye burning it up on film in “Making It Big” part 4 from Men at Play

Men at Play released the last part of their series: “Making It Big”. Our Making It Big series concludes this week with Damon Heart and Manuel Skye burning it up on film. After weeks of rehearsing, prepping, and wardrobe fittings, these handsome co-stars finally have their big scene together on the set of the spy film they’re filming. When Damon, the rookie, asks Manuel for advice on how to film an upcoming love scene, the line between acting and reality gets crossed.

Their touching goes a bit too far and their kissing is anything but stagey. These horny men want to fuck, and we get to see every minute of it. And for those of you who like a lot of cum—and who doesn’t?—this week’s Menatplay film is just for you. Damon and Manuel slurp on each other’s cocks like champs. After weeks of draining their balls with other MAP studs, these toned, taut co-stars are eager to pound.

As an expert top, Manuel owns Damon’s ass, banging out his guts in a variety of positions while Damon uses his perfect ass to squeeze every inch of Manuel’s long cock for maximum pleasure. He doesn’t bother to take off his stylish suit; that just makes the fucking even hotter. And wait until you see these guys cum. Seriously, their cumshots have to be the best we have ever filmed. We’re finishing up Making It Big in a big way. Check it out and once you’re finished you won’t be able to stop talking about the big climax!

Watch the full scene of “Making It Big” part 4 at Men at Play

Watch the full scene with Damon Heart and Manuel Skye at Men at Play


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