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Dalton Riley, Blake Hunter and Zey Hardy in “Couples Cheat” from Next Door Raw

Next Door Raw released “Couples Cheat” today. While Blake Hunter and boyfriend Dalton Riley make their way home, they can’t help but notice the stranger that seems to be following them. As Zey Hardy tails them all the way into the elevator, they exchange a look of concern, but secretly, both of them harbor fantasies about having their way with this tall, dark and handsome stranger.

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When Dalton catches Zey spying them at their door, he leaves it ajar and looks back at Zey, inviting him in with his eyes. And while cheating is never good, is it really cheating if everybody gets their rocks off? Perhaps Zay will spark something new in Dalton and Blake’s love life, inspired by a night sharing a stranger. There’s only one way for Zey to find out what awaits behind the door.

Watch the full scene of “Couples Cheat” at Next Door Raw

Watch the full scene with Dalton Riley, Blake Hunter, Zey Hardy at Next Door Raw


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