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Cory Kane can’t wait to explore Kris Karr’s 8 inch cock at CockyBoys

This week, CockyBoys presents an exciting new scene with two of CockyBoys Fan Favorites, Kris Karr and Cory Kane. Cory and Kris have a little bit of a history together as they have been flirting on social media for quite some time. So the anticipation was high when they did meet in person on a perfect Montreal fall day. So after some bike riding, they decided to change things up a bit and have some fun with a different kind of exercise.

As they now knew each other well, they wasted no time in getting to the best of the fun. Cory couldn’t wait to explore Kris’s 8 inch cock while Kris couldn’t wait to dominate Cory with it. From all the moans and groans, Cory and Kris were hitting just the right pleasure spots with their many positions. This meet-up was one worth all the time waiting as both were heavy exhausted from their early fall activities. Maybe next time there will be less bi keriding !!

Watch Cory Kane and Kris Karr fuck at CockyBoys

Watch Cory Kane and Kris Karr fuck at CockyBoys

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