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Colby Jansen, Nate Grimes and Gabriel D’Alessandro in “Fetish Findr” part 5 from Fetish Force

Fetish Force released “Fetish Findr” part 5 today. When Colby Jansen leaves his slaves alone for a few minutes, he comes back to find Nate Grimes sucking on Gabriel D’alessandro’s fat bone. Colby isn’t all that upset but he knows that a good punishment is in order to teach the studs a lesson so he grabs his flog and lets Gabriel have it.

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With his hands bound, his back red, and his cock getting sucked, Gabriel screams out with a mix of pleasure and pain. Colby wants Gabriel to really have the full slave experience and grabs a riding crop to spank the muscle jock. Colby gets Gabriel’s ass burning red and then rewards the stud with a firm dry cock up his ass. Colby loves the feel of his new slave’s asshole and pounds him deep as Gabriel thanks him for the prolonged dry hump. Colby wants to make Gabriel do the work so he lies back on the bed and instructs the stud to ride him.

Gabriel bounces on Colby’s big thick rod as Nate continues to suck on Gabriel’s cock and balls. The feel of Colby sliding in and out of his tender ass is all it takes for Gabriel to blow his load all over his own leg. When Colby sees that he’s done his job he pulls out and has the guys open wide to lap up his load like only good slaves can do.

Watch the full scene of “Fetish Findr” part 5 at Fetish Force


Watch the full scene with Nate Grimes, Colby Jansen and Gabriel D’alessandro at Fetish Force


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog February 1, 2018

    Wet, hot wicked and charmed!

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