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Chocolate Dominicano and Tu Tigeraso in “Burglary Gone Wrong” from PapiCock

PapiCock released “Burglary Gone Wrong” today. Chocolate Dominicano gotta make rent but he’s broke, so he resorts to burglary. Not very noble, but thank god the only gun that Tu Tigeraso is packin is his big cock. Now Tigeraso don’t wanna turn in a fellow papi, but he’s gotta get something out of this, so he overpowers Chocolate and straps him down tight for a good ole face fucking. Soon the two papis forget all about the initial crime after they realize fuckin is so much better than calling the police. These two hot and hung papis put on one crazy fuck show!

Watch the full scene of “Burglary Gone Wrong” at PapiCock


Watch the full scene with Chocolate Dominicano and Tu Tigeraso at PapiCock


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